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Music producer - Mastering Engineer

music industry, movies, video games, and live shows

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Fred Flohr is credited on several hundreds of productions as musician, arranger or producer in music industry, video games, movies and live shows.

From jazz to rock, country to rap, he has collaborated with fantastic artists such as Mobb Deep, Massive Attack, Dj Smash, Laurent DeWilde,… as well as companies like Yamaha, France Telecom, Ableton, or Alcatel Space.

Fred is graduated from ESSI Computer Science Engineer School, and teaches sound production at ESRA / ISTS film school. He is based in south of France, enjoying the sweet climate and delicate flavoured food on the Mediterranean coast.

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As former digital audio R&D engineer, Fred has been developping hi-end mastering service for highly demanding clients, taking music to its best for streaming, video broadcasting, CD or vinyl manufacture.

He has mastered tracks from great mixing engineer and challenging producers like Michael Rossback, Chris Selim, Joel Arena, Isaac Bonnaz, Franck « Boom » Jean…


Worship & Christian Music

What a privilege to share the good news of the living Gospel through music!

Fred is proud to work with major french speaking worship and contemporary christian artists from France, Canada, Switzerland, and Africa such as Matt Marvane, Philippe Decourroux, Heritage, Grégory Turpin, Glorious & Natasha St-Pier…

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Rap & Afro

(mixed by Isaac Bonnaz)

Video Game


Pop Rock

Sens Unique
(mixed by Joel Arena)
#produced #mastered


Glorious & Natasha St-Pier
#mastered #vinyl


TV commercial
(mixed by Joel Arena)
#produced #mastered


Matt & Sarah Marvane
(mixed by Michael Rossback)

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